Doodlinc x KineMaster

Hello doodlers!
I bet you’ve heard of an app called KineMaster before?

Yup that’s right! They are the leading video-editing-software company, which based in South Korea, and Doodlinc have had the pleasure of working with them for the last 7 months.

We helped KineMaster on creating their video templates, so their user can use those templates with their own contents.

It has been a really unreal and super new experience for us, to create so many videos with multiple design approaches for one of the biggest company in this industry.

KineMaster really is an easy to use app, but it’s not only for the newbies! It has so many features that even a professional would love to use them. From masking, keyframes, and dealing with audio effects, you can surely do a lot of things with KineMaster. Although some of the effects, as well as exporting to video format without watermark is only for paying-premium subscribers, you can download it for free in the appstore or playstore, and try the features first before deciding to pay for it.

In my opinion, it’s a worthy investment for smaller businesses or influencers, if you use videos as one of your main marketing tool.

But also, if you want a custom 2D animated videos, you can always contact and consult with us, it’s free!
Go to this page to see what we’ve done so far or here to see who we’ve been working with.

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