Frequently Asked Questions


The short answer is, yes.

The long answer is, explainer video has been proven to deliver your messages clearly and effectively. Educate your audiences about your new product/ service, showcase a brand-new solution that you have, or explain a complex idea, with a simple and effective (and affordable) animation video. 

Our expertise are whiteboard animation, paper cut-out animation, 2D Cartoon Animation and Motion Graphics.

You can consult with us to find out which type suits you best.

The production time of an animation video depends on the complexity of the project.

With that said, our animation video took 2-4 weeks in average.

It depends on the product/ service/ or idea you’re presenting.  It also depends on the platform you’re going to publish your video. Ideally, an explainer video ranges in 60 or 90 seconds.

It can be more than that for education or presentation video.

We have a lot of special offers for long duration orders, from free 1 minute video, free USB with packaging for file delivery, etc.
Contact us if you want to know more about it!


Starting with creative-brief document that you have to fill, we will create a concept and script based on that brief.

If approved, we will continue to create the storyboard.

After you approve the storyboard, we will record the voice-over that you chose, and start the animation process. 

We will give you a watermarked video to review, we will send you the HD link after the payment process is confirmed.

After each step of the process you will be given 3 rounds of feedback in which you can suggests edits to be made. Once a step of the video process is approved by you, we’ll move forward to the next step. Of course you can ask for more revisions but that will increase the budget depending of what changes you request.

It is possible, but we will charge a flat rush-fee to speed up the production process.

Yes you can. But it won’t reduce the price. We have professional scriptwriters in our team, so we will take a look at your script and let you know if we need to adjust the script.

You (our client) will have the full rights on the final video to use wherever you want!


We accept Credit Card, PayPal and Wire Transfer.

For domestic clients, we accept payments via Bank transfer.

We will issue a refund if the mistake of your cancellation is on our behalf.


You can upload the videos in any media platform that you have. For our standard explainer video, you can upload it to Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin and other social media.

Let us know if you want to post it on your Instagram, since they have their own dimension and duration preference.

Let us know if you have any question!